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The Elements of a Safety Playground

A 안전놀이터has several important elements. Some of these elements include Protective surfacing, Space, Guardrail, and Infill. Knowing how to implement each one will help you create the perfect play environment. Here are some things to keep in mind: Keep calm if you see your child getting hurt. If the injury is mild, use the first aid kit, but if it is severe, call 911. Never attempt to move the injured child or try to treat it yourself. If possible, ask other adults to look after the child until help arrives.


A playground needs to have ample space to allow children of different ages to play without causing an unsafe impact. For example, toddlers must have separate play areas from older children. Also, small children should play on playground equipment that is less than 1.5 meters high. And any playground equipment that is higher than 76 centimeters should be spaced at least two meters apart. There should also be separate play areas for any moving equipment.

There are standards for playgrounds designed to be safer, and they are governed by the Canadian Standards Association. The rules can also apply to home playgrounds.


To create a safe playground environment, you need to have guardrails or barriers that prevent children from falling through the gaps in the playground equipment. Falls are one of the leading causes of injuries on playgrounds. Depending on the age of the children using the playground, guardrails or barriers should be placed at a height that is appropriate for the children. For example, a preschool or school-aged child should have a guardrail on any platform higher than twenty inches.

While installing a playground rail will prevent accidental falls, it will also prevent children from wandering too far away from the play area. Additionally, a playground rail will help prevent children from wandering off from the play area and into the path of strangers. There are several types of playground rails available, including Bow Top, Palisade, and Meshed Panel.


Infill is an important part of creating a 안전놀이터. It can reduce surface temperatures, protect against harmful germs, and prevent odors. The infill can be used in backyards, city parks, and schools. Infill has three key components: antimicrobial, moisture-retaining, and moisture-releasing.

Inadequate surfacing: A lack of maintenance and education are the most common causes of unsafe playground surfaces. To avoid this, do your homework on the type of surface and come up with a maintenance program. Some loose-fill surface vendors require specific installation techniques, while others may recommend using wear mats. When choosing a surfacing material, always check the thickness of the material recommended for the fall height.

Protective barrier

Protective barriers are used to protect children from falling and injuries during play. They can be as simple as a decorative panel or a rung enclosure. A protective barrier is necessary for any playground equipment that is more than 2.5 feet high. It should be designed so that children cannot climb over it. The protective barrier should be installed at least six feet from the edge of the equipment.

Playgrounds are great fun for children of all ages, but the safety of young children is the responsibility of adults. Studies indicate that up to 40 percent of playground accidents are caused by inadequate supervision. An adult should be on-site at all times to watch for possible hazards and to help children when they need assistance. Also, it is important to design the playground so that there are separate play areas for different age groups. Moreover, children should play only on equipment that is safe for their age.

Non-rigid component

When it comes to playground safety, non-rigid components like swings, slides, and nets pose a serious risk. They can cause entanglement or strangulation. Fortunately, playground regulations can help keep these hazards to a minimum. The CPSC’s Public Playground Safety Handbook provides a list of recommendations that help protect children from injury while enjoying playground equipment.

Choosing the right non-rigid component is vital to preventing serious injury and ensuring children have fun. It’s important to consider the fall height of the equipment you choose, as well as the type of flooring you choose. Testing shock absorbency helps you choose the proper flooring. Manufacturers replicate a child falling from different heights and determine the amount of cushioning the flooring can provide. By identifying this factor, you can match the right flooring to the appropriate playground equipment.

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