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Playground Design: How to Make It Safe

The first step in designing a 안전놀이터is establishing the rules for the play space. The rules should be simple and easy to follow. The next step is determining the type of equipment needed. Safety equipment can include Railings, Surfaces, and Suspension systems. A playground can also include play structures that prevent falls.

Safety equipment

A proper playground design and up-to-date playground equipment can reduce the risk of injury to children. A simple checklist can help you ensure that your playground is safe and compliant with current safety codes. Make sure the equipment is up-to-date and free of dangerous holes or protrusions. Check for missing or lose parts and splinters before you let children play.

Playground equipment should be made from soft materials to minimize bone and brain injury. Acceptable surfaces include shredded rubber, pebbles, wood mulch, or chips. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Public Playground Safety Handbook has information on appropriate playground surfacing. Avoid hard surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, or grass.


Safe playgrounds are not just for parks. They are a necessity for the health and safety of children. There are many standards and guidelines for building playgrounds. For example, the American Standards Association (ASTM) developed the F1292 standard in 1999 to minimize the risk of death and serious injuries in playgrounds. This standard includes two measurement procedures: the critical drop height test in a lab and the test of the installed surface performance. Both of these procedures include performance requirements for impact attenuation. A third measurement procedure is in development to determine performance values at specific heights.

Playgrounds are often made safer with railing systems. Not only do they provide a uniform aesthetic, but they also keep young children and adults 안전놀이터. These railings will enhance playground equipment and make playtime a safer and more enjoyable experience.

Suspension systems

If you are planning a playground in your area, there are a few things you should know about suspension systems. These systems will help prevent falls and other injuries. Children who fall are at an increased risk of serious injury. While they cannot prevent all injuries, these systems can reduce the risk by preventing the most severe injuries.

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) has set safety standards for playground equipment. These standards have been developed to ensure that playgrounds are safe for children. It is also important to remember that playgrounds are not always safe. Some playgrounds have exposed wires and other hazards.

Prevention of dehydration

Preventing dehydration in a safe playground begins with providing enough liquids for children to drink. Kids can quickly become dehydrated from playing for extended periods in hot weather, and dehydration can make them less alert and clumsier. Another way to avoid dehydration is to use sunscreen. Make sure to use a product with a high SPF, and apply it to all exposed areas of the child’s body, including ears, neck, and face. If the playground is near water, use waterproof sunscreen to keep children from getting wet.

Make sure children are drinking enough fluids before and after physical activity. A child who weighs less than 90 pounds should drink 5 ounces of water every 20 minutes. A child who weighs more should drink 9 ounces of water. It’s also important for children to drink extra fluids after physical activity, as this will help them make up for the fluid loss during the activity.

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