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Online Betting On Private Toto Site

Before a deal 사설토토사이트starts, each player places a bet with a tip in front of him in a designated area. Bets have a minimum and maximum limit, generally between $2 and $500.

Shuffle and Cut

The dealer will thoroughly shuffle part of the pack until all the cards are mixed. The dealer assigns one of the players to the cut role and places the plastic insert card so that no more than 60 to 75 cards are used. (If you don’t get the bottom of every card, it will be difficult for professional card counters to work effectively.)


Once all players on 사설토토사이트have placed their bets, the dealership will hand out the cards face-to-face in clockwise order, then face-to-face to you. After that, each player will be dealt a face-up card, but the dealer will take the second card face-down. In this way, non-dealer players receive two face-up cards, while the dealer receives one face-up card and one face-down card. (In the game played in Wander, the player’s card is dealt face down, and the player will have it. But now, in almost all blackjack games, players’ cards are dealt outwardly, and players are not allowed to touch the cards).


When the first two cards of a player are an ace and a ten card (a tableau or 10), and the two cards are 21, they are called natural or blackjack. If a player is natural and the dealer does not, the dealer will immediately pay the player 1.5 times the bet amount. If the dealer is natural, the dealer will immediately collect bets for all players who do not have natural (but there is an additional amount). If the dealer and the other player are both natural, the player’s bet is a stand-off (a draw), and the player gets his chips back.

If the dealer’s face-up card is 10 cards or ace, the dealer looks at his face-down card to see if the two cards become natural. If the dealer’s face-up card is not 10 or Ace, the face-up card will not be visible until the dealer’s turn.


From the player to the left, you must decide whether to “stand” (don’t ask for a card) or “hit” (ask for a card to get close to the count of 21 or to get 21 accurate). Therefore, the player may stand with the two cards dealt at the beginning or decide whether to stand in total (for 21 cards or less) or ‘bust’ (for 21 cards or more) by requesting additional cards from the dealer. In the latter case, the player loses, and the dealer recovers the amount of money bet. Then the dealer turns to the next player to the left and services as well.

The combination of an ace and a card other than 10 is called a “soft hand,” The player can count the ace as 1 or 11 and never draw or draw the card. For example, for “software 17” (ace and 6), the total is 7 or 17. The count of 17 is a good hand, but the player may wish to draw to get a higher total. If you count an ace in the draw as 11 and get a Bust hand, you count an ace as 1 and continue to play by standing or “hitting” (requiring the dealer to add one card at a time).

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