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Notebooks for macOS

Notebooks for macOS is the most beautiful application NoteBook available for Mac. It is designed taking into account the need for a clean, beautiful and efficient NoteBook for Mac.

Notebooks for macOS – Support the touchbar

With the impressive support touchbar now you can see all your Notebooks and open any of them from the touchbar in one touch.
Create your own books
Create custom books to organize all your notes in one place. Perfect for writers and college students.
Custom cover notebook
You can choose any book cover provided or provide a custom notebook cover of your choice.
Easy to filter and search
It allows access to any notebook or Note in an instant with just a few clicks.
Clean and clear
Writing involves a lot of focus and helps a lot if the interface is clean and uncluttered writing that NoteBook provides a transparent manner.
Formatting options
Notebook offers basic formatting options such as bold, italic , and underline, along with alignments center, right, left and justified.
Full Screen – Focus mode
NoteBook changes perfectly full – screen mode, providing a super productive environment for users to focus on writing.
Counting words and characters
NoteBook application provides a very useful feature and real – time word count and char to understand writing speed or adhere to the conditions of article submission.
Save, Print , or Share
WriteKit also provides the ability to quickly save documents. You can also print or share documents via email.
iCloud Sync
Sync your notes through your iPhone and Mac using the power of Cloud Sync. Access your notes anywhere and anytime.

Notebooks for macOS 1.4.5

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