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Instructions for Playing the Video Poker Game Ace Invaders on Toto Site

The first thing you do is put some of your own money into the game. Do not forget to insert your slot club card before you play even a single hand, as this is something that we always recommend doing before you engage in any form of gambling. After you have put your money into the machine, the screen will refresh and tell you how many credits you have available to play with.

The gameplay of Ace Invaders is very similar to that of other video poker games in many respects. The game is comparable to Jack or Better, albeit 토토사이트with a few key differences.

You can bet 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 coins on each line.

When playing Ace Invaders, you should consistently place the highest possible wager. Video poker veterans are already aware of why this is the case: if you do not place the maximum wager, you will not receive the highest possible payout for a royal flush (4000 coins). This has a very negative impact on the overall payout percentage of the game.

The maximum number of coins can be wagered in토토사이트 Ace Invaders is fifteen. To be eligible for the payout of 4,000 coins for a royal flush, you must wager all three lines and all five coins on each line.

Each of the three lines is treated as an independent game and uses a different virtual deck for the dealing process. The jack of clubs may be dealt to you on lines 1 and 2. That scenario wouldn’t be possible if the cards for the three lines came from the same deck. It is essential to point this out because it can impact your strategy while playing certain hands.

At the beginning of the game, five cards will be dealt to the bottom line in front of you. You are free to keep any of the cards or toss them away. The game then deals out the next two lines. If the aces on the top two lines of the tableau have a chance of improving the hand on the bottom line, they will slide down to that line, replacing the cards there, and you will be dealt a new card in their stead if they do.


The software was developed to ensure you will receive the most payment when you have the finest possible combination of hands. You do not need to be concerned about aces falling and destroying any potential payments you may have.

Payouts for the Ace Invaders game

Multiple pay tables are accessible to casinos that host this game, as with most video poker games. The following hands qualify for the maximum payout offered by any of these casinos:

Return on Investment Percentages

Ace Invaders video poker has a great payback percentage of 100.2%, and it’s even better if you play it using the most effective strategy and the best pay table you can find. This is based on the assumption that you are playing all three lines and wagering the maximum number of coins.

Even the weakest pay table in this game delivers a reasonably decent return percentage; it is better than the payback percentage offered by practically any other slot machine game.

Ace Invaders is an excellent bet regarding the house edge, return to player, payout percentage, and every metric you care to throw at it.

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