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GraphicConverter For Mac

GraphicConverter for Mac is a multi – program editing, you can import 200 different graphic – based formats, edit the image, and export it to any of the 80 available file formats.

The editing tools are ideal for high – quality graphic manipulation and the ability to use plug-ins compatible with Photoshop. It offers batch conversion capabilities, a window slide show and more.

Import and export functions – GraphicConverter For Mac

  • Import approx. 200 and export of approx. 80 graphics formats
  • Catalog generation (web, print, picture)
  • Import image directly from the camera (also RAW)
  • TWAIN interface for scanners
  • Direct support services Google+ photos, Flickr, Places

Organization and management of workflow image –
GraphicConverter For Mac

  • graphic file and image browser
  • Slideshow functions
  • Batch conversion
  • Support for AppleScript

Image edition – GraphicConverter For Mac

  • Image enhancement function Express
  • Improving and creating images for use on the Internet
  • Basic editing functions
  • Advanced functions, effects and filters for image manipulation
  • Plug-in architecture
  • ColorSync color management and ICC profiles
  • 3D support


  • It supports the latest technologies different versions of Mac OS
  • Support for the JPEG2000 format
  • Multilingual – 12 languages ​​available

GraphicConverter For Mac

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