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Dominoes Strategy, the Key to Victory of casino on Toto Site

In some versions of dominoes, the pieces are arranged following the suits. A suit is determined by the tile with the most significant total number토토사이트 of pips. The sixes suit is comprised of any tile with a minimum of six points on at least one of its sides, while the fives suit is comprised of tiles with a maximum of five pips on any of their sides. And this goes on.

After becoming familiar with the various components of a domino set, you are now prepared to arrange your pieces and learn how to play the game of토토사이트 dominoes. To begin, turn all the dominoes over so that the printed side faces down on the surface. The tiles should be «shuffled» by one person by moving them around the table in a random pattern. You need to choose the person who will go first before you start the game. By custom, each player receives only one tile, and the player who draws the tile with the most significant number of pips goes first in the game.


  • If there are only two players, each player will draw seven tiles; if there are more than two players, each person will draw five tiles. If more than four people participate in the game, you will require an additional pair of dominoes.
  • The auxiliary tiles not drawn during the game are ignored for the remainder. These tiles will be used in subsequent variations of dominoes as well.
  • According to the rules of a classic dominoes game, the person who was responsible for shuffling the tiles is the one who should go last when drawing.
  • Players should take shifts being the shuffler so that one person does not always have to draw last. This will prevent unfair situations in which one person must draw last.

By arranging their tiles so that the blank side faces out, each person can ensure that the others cannot see the pips printed on their tiles.

Before beginning the game of dominoes, deciding on the number of rounds that will be played is a good idea.


While some players opt to play for a predetermined number of rounds, others continue to compete until they achieve a predetermined point total.

After completing the domino game’s initial setup, you are prepared to begin playing the game. The player selected to go first will be responsible for placing one of the dominoes of their selection in the center of the table.


Each participant adds a domino to the line of play as the game continues rotating clockwise around the table. They must play a tile with the same number of pips as the uncovered end of a tile that has been played previously.

For instance, if the first person played a domino with the numbers 6-2, the player who comes after could either place a tile with six pips on the end next to the six or place a tile with two pips on the other end of the domino.

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