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Casino payment system for online casinos

The amount that online transactions are increasing quickly and are currently similar to that of traditionally (offline) trade. There are some industry areas where remote payment for services and goods is the predominant and often the only option. This includes online casinos as well as other forms of gambling.

The biggest challenge is organizing online payment transactions for casinos

What exactly is online메이저사이트 payment? It is a method of payment that lets you change the beneficiary of money without physically moving it. When someone purchases something such as by using a bank card this system debits the amount of purchase out of his bank account, and then credits the purchase into the seller’s account, leaving out charges for service transfer. This procedure requires the existence of a gain bank that manages online transactions and then credits the funds from the sale into its accounts. If required the bank that is gaining will change the money of the buyer into the currency needed by the seller.

Because, in the end, the seller’s funds are transferred to his bank account The global payment system (MPS) is a part of the technology of online payments which regulates the banks that issue credit cards under its supervision. It could include Visa, MasterCard, Mir and so on. In some cases, MPS may recognize an online payment as unconstitutional and request the bank that accepted the payment to reimburse the purchaser’s funds. This is known as the chargeback. Businesses in which the chance of a chargeback being high are known as high risk.

Due to the fact that chargebacks can result in extra costs at the expense of the institution, the banks provide more favorable rates to high-risk companies. The process begins with lengthy verification procedures that often result in the bank refusing to accept cooperation. Gaming, and particularly casinos online, is an extremely risky industry.

The third reason banks are hesitant to accept online casinos as a service is reputational. There is a belief that gambling is a sinister activity and even immoral. Therefore, having an association with a company that is gambling could damage your reputation. For the banking industry, reputation is everything.

What can an online casino do?

In the beginning, let us define our views regarding gaming, specifically casinos online. Gambling, which began in the early days of time is a fundamental element of the lives of tens of thousands of million of individuals. It is neither bad or bad. It’s a fact. As with sexual activity. The whole thing is dependent on the way you organize these games. If you manage things in a manner that is civilized, that minimizes the risk of fraud. If you are tax-paying, why would it be a problem? Because, after all, every person is a biological desire for passion. If you don’t make legal methods available to the person to satisfy this desire and satisfy it, he will satisfy it, however usually illegally. We are therefore seeking a more civilized gaming industry.

Our company Wellcoinpay provides services for managing Internet payments to casinos on the internet as well as other businesses operating in the gaming industry like bookmakers.

Payment system developed by Wellcoinpay

Wellcoinpay is a cutting-edge payment system aggregator that offers secure gaining. The company has been operating on the global 메이저사이트financial market since. In the short span of time, more than 200 companies have joined our list of clients, mostly businesses that are risky. The customers of these firms are spread across more than 180 countries. As you will see, we affirm that we are able to provide our services to all over the globe. Wellcoinpay is located in London and this once again proves the trustworthiness and credibility of our business.

What is the reason? Wellcoinpay is the perfect aggregator for casinos online

What are the criteria to be considered when selecting a payment system (aggregator) to use for your business. Let’s look at the most important ones:


Many options are available for customers to pay online.

Affordable rates for services.

The terms of crediting money to the account of the seller.

Reliability of Wellcoinpay

For online payment processing, We use the latest software that is compliant with requirements of the PCI DSS Level 1 security standard.

Our software permits users to

Be warned of a fraud in real-time (AntiFraud System).

Examine the credibility and solvency of your counterparty.

Eliminate false positives.

In the end, we have over 200 businesses with high risk business have customers. We inform you of the fact that our corporate headquarters are in London. The UK is famous for its strict rigorous scrutiny of businesses operating in the financial industry.

Different payment methods are available to customers

Wellcoinpay’s aggregator is in partnership with 53 payment system. Online casino owners are able to pay in 32 currency. In the 53 payment methods available, they are all of them that are extremely popular with online gaming players. Let’s look at them in a brief manner.

Methods of transfer for Runet casinos on the internet

Visa, MasterCard and Maestro

The cards used by these systems are mainly used by players at online casinos to pay for their services and get money. To be able to deposit funds into your casino account, you’ll need:

Log into your account for personal use.

Choose the «Cashier» section.

Select a method of payment – credit cards.

In the payment form you see complete the fields: * name and surname;

* Card number;

* the validity period for which it is valid;

* CVV code

* the amount and currency used for the payment.

Certain payment systems might require a telephone number tied to a bank account.

We suggest using an additional card to make payments for casino online services The funds are credited instantly prior to the payment.


The most well-known electronic payment method for paying for casino services online and for receiving money. Advantages:

There are a myriad of methods to recharge an electronic wallet

Low rates.

To make use of this payment system, you have to create a wallet within it. Qiwi has a variety of types. We suggest «Basic». It permits you to make transfers of up to 200,000 rubles each month, and you can have the possibility of having up to 60,000 rubles within it. Few? Do you want to create an «Professional» bank account. It lets you make transfers of up to 4,000,000 rubles each month and store up to 600 000 Rubles inside your account.

The kind (status) that the purse will depend on the method used to identify it. For a wallet that is professional, you need to complete your full identity in your own. The Qiwi E-wallet number is your telephone number.

The downside of Qiwi is its inability to transfer or receive cash in foreign currency. This restricts the possibility of gambling in online casinos that are based outside of the US However, you are able to discover casinos that work with this system.


The payment system that is electronic WebMoney is free of this disadvantage. There are euro and dollar wallets. However, unlike Qiwi, the system has more commissions and less ways to refill your WebMoney account. Furthermore, the method isn’t widely known and a few international online casinos work with it. These include Surf, BitStarz, etc.

To transfer money with WebMoney You must choose this method of payment and provide the wallet’s ID the amount, and the currency used for the transfer.


A very well-known systems in the world of CIS users. Yes, up to December 15 220, the system was known as Yandex.Money. However, Sberbank purchased it and launched a rebranding. The advantages of Money are the low commissions and easy connecting your Ymoney accounts to your credit account. Money is only available in rubles, however it is possible to transfer money to numerous international online casinos. The most popular ones include Joy, BitStarz, Redstar, Riobet, Betchan, Surf, TTR.

Transfer methods to European casinos on the internet


The system of payment has been in use in Europe since the year 1999. It is notable that it was designed for gambling businesses. Neteller became available to Runet in the year 2010. It is compatible with more than 20 currencies. Nearly all online casinos in the world will cooperate with this program. For those who use the Runet, Neteller is convenient because its wallet is able to be used with Money. However, the drawback is that it charges large commissions. Refilling for replenishment – 2.5 percent or currency conversion 1.29 3.99% – 3.99 percent.


A trusted, known payment system. All you require to transfer and receive funds is an email address. It only works with dollars. However, if you wish to add funds to your account in other currencies. It will also automatically convert. You can transfer funds into and out of your Skrill account with bank cards issued by most European banks. Russian banks accept transfers made through Skrill’s payment platform. Additionally, accounts can be refilled using Bitcoin digital currency (BitPay wallet) Webmoney’s pay method (from the WMZ wallet) and Neteller. Skrill benefits include:

The majority of online casinos in the west use it.

Low commissions – the fee for refilling your Skrill account is one percent.

Limit on withdrawals as high as $7,000 per day.

Perfect money

Payment system with its headquarters in Zurich. It has been in operation since 2007. Similar to Skrill it also has low fees. For instance, a deposit is costing 0.5 percent for accounts that have been verified, and 1.99 percent for an unverified account. However, in addition to being able to work with dollars, this operates with the euro. It is particularly useful to work with crypto. The Bitcoin platform does not charge commissions to fund an account using Bitcoin. If you withdraw funds using Bitcoin, there is a commission of 0.5 percent. You can withdraw and replenish funds through Perfect Money to many electronic wallets, including the most that are popular in Runet such as Money, Qiwi, WebMoney. In addition, Perfect Money charges 4% per year for the storage of money in your wallet.


Payment system is based in London. It was established in the year 2000. It is present across 45 countries around the world, which includes all CIS countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc. It stands out for its trusting approach to clients from CIS countries. It works with 45 currencies.

It is extremely popular with bookmakers. EcoPayz has high withdrawal limits and therefore EcoPayz is typically utilized by high-rollers players who are playing for large stakes.


Payment system that is registered in the UK. It is compatible with 40 currencies and functions throughout 180 different countries. For customers from CIS countries, it’s more convenient to refill the electronic wallet in this system by using the use of a bank card. If you live in European countries, it is possible to purchase a prepaid credit card (Jeton Card) in a variety of denominations. Transfer of funds through a bank account. This method of payment is extremely popular with book publishers.


The method is rapidly growing in popularity to pay for casino online services and also receiving the winnings. The most popular cryptocurrency used in the world of gambling comprise Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

The benefits of cryptocurrency include:

nearly instant crediting of money to a personal bank account


Maximum protection of transactions

Commissions are low.

An aggregator integrates with the various payment systems, including Our company Wellcoinpay. In addition, we collaborate with various other payment systems, such as Paypoint, Click2pay, Sofort and many more. In all, we work our cooperation with 53 payment platforms and 32 currencies that are fiat.

Favorable rates

For businesses with high risk We provide rates that are less than those offered by banks. We also offer the shortest terms to consider the application. It is crucial that we have created procedures to minimize the chance of the possibility of a chargeback. This will allow you to lower expenses.

Speed of transactions

There is a certain amount of time between the time when money is transferred by the buyer to purchase the service and crediting the seller’s account. The reason for this is the technological advancements in online payment as well as the bank’s desire to safeguard itself against charges. For normal commercial transactions, the period for crediting funds ranges from 1 to 3 business days. If the business is in high-risk activities then the time frame increases. Wellcoinpay can make a transfer without risk within three banking days.

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