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App Uninstaller 6.3 For Mac

App Uninstaller the software in 3 easy steps with the application uninstaller
Uninstaller start the application to scan applications.
Select unnecessary applications from the list.
Remove applications.
Note: If some executable files were not removed because of the SIP rules, switch to Finder and manually move them to the Trash.

Cleaning debris
remove trace files and leftovers of applications that previously removed in the usual way. Free up space on your disk of unnecessary files service.

App Uninstaller

Reset applications
Clean application support files. Find and remove:
Application Logs
files automatically saved
preferences, etc.

App Uninstaller
Manage Extensions – Uninstall or disable
Do not allow too many extensions enabled on your system slow down your Mac Take a look at all extensions of user and kernel to hide or delete unnecessary.
Disable Startup Items Mac.
Disable agents release.
Delete Files installation of MacOS.
IOS ipa delete files.
Uninstalling screensavers.
Managing system preferences panel.
Remove Internet supplements.
Delete Mac Widgets.

App Uninstaller 6.3

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