Adobe Prelude CC 2019 for macOS

Adobe Prelude CC 2019 for macOS  Program for professional video capture, which lets you convert any file to finish. 2019 CC with Adobe Prelude can develop and edit video content much faster and more organized. Insertion and driving video magazine designed to work effectively with the media and metadata entry. The videos are easily transferred to Adobe Premiere Pro, ensuring excellent communication and organization of the entire video production process.

Adobe Prelude CC 2019 for macOS

Benefits of Adobe Prelude CC 2019 for macOS:
– Direct access to visual editor
– Improved matching audio channels
– narration
– Transitions preassembly.
– Shortcuts for labeling
– Improved user interface with support HiDPI
– Support for multiple audio tracks.
– Support for entry and exit points.
– Convert files to insert
– Color label comparison
– Cinema playback mode.
– View thumbnails when moving
– Renaming to insert files
– Ability to determine the information necessary to insert clips.
– Integration with Adobe Story scripts to convert metadata.
– Collaborate using as Adobe Anywhere.
– Files box directly to the selected packages
– Metadata support the Sony XMPilot.
– Support for 64 – bit files in Windows and Mac OS
– Export Pre
– metadata search all fields
– total and partial insertion.
– transcoding to multiple formats to paste
– Materials Speed Dial.
– Integration of virtually any workflow.
– Creation of collections of advanced materials.
– Insert dialog box scrolling thumbnails
– custom bookmarks.
– Adjustable import metadata.
– Extensibility customizable.

Adobe Prelude CC 2019 for macOS



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